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About our Motel's Area

Double rainbow.jpg
What does it mean?  A double rainbow at Mount Zion Scenic Overlook, photo used with
permission by Ken Wiele (

Ironwood is 18 miles away from Lake Superior.  We are surrounded by rivers, gorgeous bluffs (with skiing, snowboarding, and tubing opportunities),

and many hiking, ATV, and snowmobile trails.  There are many landmarks, scenic sites, and historic buildings- check out our lovely little downtown!


We are home to Copper Peak, the world's only ski flying hill outside of Europe.  This 300-ton steel behemoth is 241 feet tall and is actually the world's

largest artificial ski jump tower!  The Red Bull 400 is held here, which is a nearly-vertical race that begins at the bottom of the ski jump and continues

400 meters uphill (40 stories) to the top of the jump.  Copper Peak offers a 360-degree view of 2,500 miles of beautiful countryside (you can even see

Canada on a really clear day, eh) if you're brave enough for the 800-foot chair lift ride to the crest of the hill, the 18-story elevator ride, and the

eight-story walk to the top, of course.


We are also home to a 52-foot-tall statue of a Native American (this handsome fella's name is Hiawatha and he is the world's largest of his kind).

Even with these larger-than-life attractions, we're not too big for our britches.  You'll love it here.  The U.P. feels like home!

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